New B200 SimVim Panel

The next SimVimPanel update will include the updated Beechcraft B200 panel modules, which were available in the previous program versions, before SimVimCockpit plugin. The updated modules includes full realistic panel background for those who don’t make cover plates for their panel, new radio devices and better instrument positioning, closer to the real panel.

Also, variations of this panel for C90B, B1900 and King Air 350 will be added in next updates..


2 thoughts on “New B200 SimVim Panel

  1. Hello, I am running the B200 panel and have noticed the copilot (right side) panel, the altimeter does not follow the pressure settings. The pilot side seems to work fine, but the copilot side doesn’t seem to jive. Any help is appreciated.


  2. Hi Chris,
    We’ve updated the right panel module in the download archive, the gauge mapping should be correct now. But please note that the right side is not as finished as the left one, and may later have different cutouts positions and distances between gauges.


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