New SimVimPanel modules

Two new modules for SimVimPanel are available in version 4.08 – the VM1000C engine monitoring display and the EOAP (annunciator panel) that can be found in planes like MD-80.

Here is the annunciator panel for MD-8x plane series module running on an 7.8″ display with Raspberry Pi:

Short video with Laminar MD-82 loaded:

Note that even if you don’t manage to configure the correct screen resolution in the system for such a non-standard display, you can still specify its dimensions (both horizontal and vertical) in SimVimPanel settings file so that the modules will be scaled correctly to your screen.

Here’s a screenshot of the VM1000C SimVimPanel module:

With SimVimCockpit plugin v0.9.66, this module is able to read the instrument redline values from the currently loaded aircraft, so the readings will be scaled according to these limits.


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