HCSCI(SimVim) version 1.0.68

The new HCSCI (SimVimCockpit) version is released. All previous versions was numbered 0.9.1 to 0.9.67, now it’s time to move it to the next level (1.xx). Download the v 1.0.68 in the Configurator page.

Please note that both the plugin and the firmware code have been reworked, so you will need to refresh the firmware on the master board (the firmware has not been updated in the last 13 months, while the plugin had 17 versions over the same period).

Changes and features
  • The system has a new improved protocol for connecting the plugin to the master board firmware, which solves some issues with auto-connection, it is much faster and should not conflict with other connected devices that use virtual serial ports.
  • Plugin: the item “Hardware re-connection” has removed, the status window has been changed. If the board has been reconnected for any reason or it has lost power, the re-connection should be established automatically as soon as the board reconnects to the network.

The firmware for the master board is updated for this new protocol. I also decided to optimize the firmware code, fix some issues and also make some changes in the slave boards firmware (LCD and Stepper boards),

  • Fixed an issue where a directly connected LCD (without using the slave LCD driver board) would not reset on startup – if an LCD was connected to pins with numbers above 30, the initialization message could not be cleared.
  • More reliable power control for the slave LCD board is added.
  • The pin #19 / A5 is used as voltage output for electric bus 1. When the bus voltage drops, the LCD backlight brightness decreases (until completely dimmed).
  • Also, now you can link any previously assigned BRT knob to the LCD board. And the backlight will be adjusted by the knob along with the bus voltage. The pin output A5 is a PWM signal for the backlight (+input) – can be used directly for 2-3 LCD or through the FET booster..

New version of HCSCI Panel (SimVimPanel) also is able to connect automatically to a plugin in any time when you launch the external panel. No need to reconnect to a plugin that is already running.

  • Added custom parameters for the MFD display, for any aircraft models that don’t have these functions programmed, of for custom planes with working MFD. All mode buttons are available in the configurator (in the EFIS section):

Currently the HCSCI module for B737 lower DU (MFD) is available for download, along with SimVim CDU modules.
You can use them as a single module suitable for displaying on one 20-22″ LCD screen:


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