New SimVimPanel modules

Two new modules for SimVimPanel are available in version 4.08 – the VM1000C engine monitoring display and the EOAP (annunciator panel) that can be found in planes like MD-80. Here is the annunciator panel for MD-8x plane series module running on an 7.8″ display with Raspberry Pi: Short video with Laminar MD-82 loaded: Note that … More New SimVimPanel modules

SimVim FMS CDU Test

Pre-release version of SimVim CDU program for SimVimPanel is ready. By default it supports standard X-Plane (ver. >11.30) CDU for all planes that use it, as well as custom support for Zibo B738. You can use the SimVim CDU either as part of SimVim Panel with background and working clickable buttons, or as a screen … More SimVim FMS CDU Test

FMS CDU text output

The SimVimPanel CDU, displayed on any cheap LCD screen connected to a mini-PC/Raspberry uses the default X-Plane CDU data structure, converting it into specific SimVim format. Current X-Plane CDU data format The X-Plane developers have added the dataref array for CDU screen content since XP 11.35: sim/cockpit2/radios/indicators/fms_cdu1_text_line# sim/cockpit2/radios/indicators/fms_cdu2_text_line#(where # is number from 0 to 15) … More FMS CDU text output

New B200 SimVim Panel

The next SimVimPanel update will include the updated Beechcraft B200 panel modules, which were available in the previous program versions, before SimVimCockpit plugin. The updated modules includes full realistic panel background for those who don’t make cover plates for their panel, new radio devices and better instrument positioning, closer to the real panel. Also, variations … More New B200 SimVim Panel