Custom aircraft models and SimVimX

SimVimX Parameter conversion for custom models

Many custom aircraft models use custom commands and datarefs. Some of them are programmed to simulate some new functionality, while others are just used for animating switches in a virtual cockpit.

SimVimX interface was developed in such a way that the user wouldn’t have to spend time learning all the custom datarefs and commands when making a cockpit for a specific aircraft model, and, in fact, that once configured, the cockpit could be used with any aircraft model.

This is accomplished by aircraft conversion files, that are used by the plugin when a specific aircraft model is loaded in order to map the parameter names that need conversion to this model’s custom commands and datarefs. For models that only use default X-Plane commands and datarefs, this is not required. Even some of the models that use custom datarefs still work fine with default assignments. So, these conversion files are only needed for aircraft models where some of the parameters don’t work without reassignment.

SimVimX already has built-in conversion files for all aircraft models included by default in X-Plane 11 that use their own datarefs and commands (“laminar/…”), as well as Zibo B737, so users don’t need to worry about making conversions for these models.

A number of conversion files for different models are available for download on our website. If you use one of the listed models, you should download the conversion for it. The conversion file is placed in the appropriate aircraft folder.

In case you’re using a custom aircraft model not included in the list, you have tested it with your configuration and confirmed that some of the assigned functions do not work with this model, you can use the online conversion tool to make a conversion file for your aircraft.

Here are some pointers on using it:

  1. When starting to make a conversion, click “New Conversion” and select your configuration file (data.cfg) to upload.
  2. Select the parameters that require conversion (the ones that you have tested and confirmed not working with your aircraft model). Some parameters from the configuration are not available for conversion.
  3. Click “Confirm” and enter the name of your aircraft.
  4. Now you can click the added parameter names in the table to open their conversion menu. Fill in the data for your parameters as needed. After you’re done, click “Save and Download” to get the conversion file. You can place it in the folder of your aircraft.
  5. If at some point you want to continue editing your conversion file, click “Load Conversion” in the online conversion tool, instead of “New Conversion”, and load your conversion file (*.dat).

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